The town where I grew up

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I grew up in an African town called Jinja home of the source of the Nile and white water rafting in Uganda, by then Jinja was refereed to as Uganda’s industrial city attributed to the big factories such as British American Tobbaco, the Nile breweries, textile firm Nytil among others.

The town streets here were built in an ancient Asian style of ‘duka’ well as the schools were locates in the surburbs near Source of the NIle River. We lived on one of the prominent streets however my siblings and I never went to school in this town, Our parents chose to take us to boarding catholic schools near the City(Namagunga for the girls and Namilyango for the boys) and I believe the background we got here has contributed highly to what Am today. My parents now live in our country home in Iganga- 30 kilometres from Jinja but they still own property in Jinja hence my visits there once in a while.


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