A sigh of relief!

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It is a beautiful day. Not necessarily weather wise, but in the way I have chosen to feel.  I remembered to say my personal prayer this morning, and I think that has helped me. What a sigh of relief!

There is just an indescribable comfort and peace in doing so; a kind of peace that transcends understanding. Thank you Lord for this.

I have ordered some books and movies from Akili on-line library at the British Council.  I hope the dispatch clerk delivers them here before close of business today.  Am hoping to read Elements of Style tonight since we have been tasked to master it cover to cover, it is one of the books I have ordered for. I happen to have read it a few years ago but this time round hoping it will be a companion for daily review.

I love reading journals from the “real world hands-on practitioners” like the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and Fareed Zacharias’ pages in the News week, its my way of releasing stress of work and ascending in the business practice and when it comes to reading ‘O’ magazine by Oprah Winefrey, it is about learning to love myself much as I do not access it more often like the HBR and News week that are subscribed for monthly..

Looking forward to reading Strunk and White’s Elements of style.


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