Which of the two is genuine?

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Am glad the dispatch clerk from British Council came on time yesterday afternoon.

Perusing through my order, I realise the Elements of Style book by Strunk and White that I orded for is different from what my colleagues bought at Hadija’s photocopy. One from Hadija is scripted in an essay form with details yet what I have with me is brief with tabulations of sentences and examples on each use of grammar as stipulated in the earlier sentences.

Oh gracious! What may have seemed a sigh of relief yesterday has turned out to be troubling and the only way to verify this is to log on to the web and ascertain the fact of the matter.

After a short while on the internet, I can now clearly understand that my classmates are reading is a fourth edition of Elements of Style by Strunk and White yet what British Council availed is still Elements of Style, fourth edition(New edition) by Strunk and White Junior. After reviewing the pages with sample reading of either edition, the one obtained from Hadija’s photocopier seems easier to maneuver.

In that case I will settle to read both editions since deriving knowledge isn’t harmful.



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