5 Things To Help You Achieve The Lion’s Share Of Press Coverage; The @Steveology Blog

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A journalist once said “A lot of companies do not understand that reporters have no time to waste. Then, they keep bothering you if you don’t answer”. Below can help us understand how to maneuver;

Understand that readers and the press are in information overload. Reporters want information that helps contextualize news stories. Keep that in mind as your guiding principle.
Know upfront that reporters are not looking to get pitched on an individual story. Your company’s your product or upgrade? It is not a good use of your valuable time or theirs. Those days are dead; a long shot at best.
Focus on internal experts that are interesting. Reporters want access to very smart people who will talk candidly about things that are really happening. They want experts talking about what they know. Not about what they sell, or who spew marketing/corporate speak.
Pitch story ideas at the industry level. A new market, a new technology, a new wrinkle that will become disruptive to more than one company.
Go for the kill. This is your chance to put a check mark in the win column: Reporters want to know: Who can I talk to? What do they know? How candid of an exchange can he have with the expert? In short informative sentences let them know why your expert is a must-interview by answering those questions.

Much more but the above from The @Steveology Blog was worth sharing.


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