Farewell Mud Hut; Welcome my Brick House

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Farewell Mud Hut; Welcome my Brick House

From Mud hut to Brick house: It takes more than just courage for a woman like Grace Anyinying of Kangai Village in Dokolo District to build a brick house – A prized possession!

Her story started one year ago when she was trained in Conservation Farming by NCBA CLUSA International which she tried out the following season: her yield worth over 20 million alone caused the community to throng her compound in search for the magic she used……… “No magic, simply practicing Conservation Farming: she testifies.

Grace is now a lead farmer and a role model to her community. A group of about 30 members meet at her home weekly to partake of her knowledge – what better way to sustain empowerment for a previously war affected people?

As I covered Grace’s story today through capturing her success in Documentary with Arkhos Films; goose pimples filled me with humility at her courage to cultivate tirelessly a midst unpredictable weather conditions whilst using climate-smart agriculture techniques, learning to budget her income wisely and re-investing in farming to secure her future.

An inspiration not only to fellow women of Kangai but to Uganda , Africa at large. It is a matter of time.

More of this success story documentary will be aired live on the international scene – watch the space!


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