Coffee farms boost income of Women in Uganda

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Coffee farms boost income of Women in Uganda

Agnes Ndrua tends to a Coffee seedling nursery at Busaanyi Farm, Mityana Road, Uganda.

Ndrua’s day begins with a five minutes walk to Busaanyi coffee farm where along with other women tend to the coffee seedlings in the nursery, the coffee mother garden, the main plantation and the value addition processing section.
“I am able to take my children to school because I earn a reasonable income from Busaanyi farm. Feeding the family and catering for their medical bills is easier” says Ndrua.

Before she joined other worker on the farm, Ndrua sold perishables which minimally supported her family basic needs.
she says “I am more satisfied now because am sure my earning will be paid every month without delay. The farm manager ensures we earn our pay on time and we are motivated to even work harder”.

Busanyi farm is established on over fifty (50) acreage of land with coffee, Banana plantation, horticulture, bee hives, Goat rearing, dairy farming among others.

The farm is funded and technically supported by Agricultural Business Initiative (aBi) a multi – donor initiative by the Governments of Denmark and Uganda whose objective is to develop agribusiness in Uganda.


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