“Flash Mob” the trendy way to boost your brand

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The element of surprise can be a highly effective marketing tool to create brand awareness.

According to urbandictionary.com a flash mob is; “A group of people who appear from out of nowhere, to perform predetermined actions, designed to amuse and confuse surrounding people.”

Since its emergence in New York in 2003, the flash mob has been used as a successful visual marketing tool for online campaigns for many companies worldwide.

In Uganda, among the most popular flash mobs are Airtel and National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Uganda who have produced flash mob video for internal communications but also brand awareness and are trekking among the most viewed on YouTube countrywide.

Airtel seems to have pioneered the flash mob trend in Uganda’s corporate environment and indeed set a trail blazer.

“We started flash mob production as part of Airtel’ innovative means to boost our product ‘Tsup’ showcased at Garden City mall, at FNL events, Rugby tournaments and elsewhere. We later incorporated the unchoreographed internal communications stunt with staff win office.

See Airtel Uganda’ office flash mob

 with 148 views as at 13th June 2014.

In May 2014, As part of NSSF Uganda’ ‘Happy to Serve’ campaign activities, a choreographed office dance was filmed and produced creatively with astonishing elements that exude a happy team serving laboring Ugandans.

See NSSF’ flash mob of “Happy to serve” campaign launched last week and so far has over 2,900 views

Flash mob is a great online marketing tool for brand activation, brand awareness, experiential marketing, brand and launches and much more, whichever way you use it; it must have the surprise element that will create “stickiness” but also create the much desired goal of awareness and tingle action!

See Airtel’ flash mob shot at Garden City Mall, Kampala, Uganda

which promotes a product of “TSup”. The end board of the video lists the product being promoted among youth with information and logo, which serve to heighten awareness of the product and Company.

Another by Airtel at the Friday Night Lights (FNL) events as part of its series of “marriage campaign” after buying off Warid Telecom

Still from Airtel is an internal communications flash mob that has gone viral on WhatsApp and Hmmmmm being forwarded among corporates alike?

Flash mob as a new media tool calls for innovative ways on how to build brands to enhance brand equity and customer loyalty but also contribute to tactics of positioning your brand in this ever changing world of communication.

Having searched the World Wide Web (WWW) for the most viewed flash mob worldwide; the title for the most viewed flash mob video on YouTube goes to an Ontario-based company called Alphabet Photography.

This company shows that you don’t need a large budget for your flash mob production; just talented performers, clever planning and lots of surprised onlookers. Their flash mob video, “Christmas Food Court Flash Mob “Christmas Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus – Must See!”

 , went viral soon after it was posted on YouTube and has received over 45 million views. After its release, the video was featured across world media and the company has since received royal approval from Prince Charles himself! The end board of the video lists information about Alphabet Photography’s website and a seasonal greeting, which serve to heighten awareness of the company.

English mobile Phone Company T-Mobile has two flash mob videos appearing in the “Top Ten Flash Mob Videos on YouTube.” https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7F7FD269F9DA24F8.

Their UK-based “Life’s for Sharing” campaign features flash mobs taking place in the busiest transport hubs in the UK. Collectively, their big budget, all-singing all-dancing flash mobs have received over 40 million YouTube views.

“The T-Mobile Dance”

“The T-Mobile Welcome Back” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NB3NPNM4xgo


As brand custodians, what lessons can we take from the examples shown above?

A well organized and entertaining flash mob video has potential to go viral, regardless of the size of your budget. Use of phone cameras and editing uploading on You Tube, Projeqt or Dupity is another free option to channel your brand message

Theme your video so that it has lasting appeal and makes a connection with your business. The company’s flash mob video likely receives an increase in views and shares around a season which may increase web traffic and potential revenue.

Rating high: Flash mob videos such as “The T-Mobile Welcome Back,” that include unsuspecting onlookers being caught up in the action, rate highest on YouTube.

Film everything! Footage of the organization of the flash mob and or cut-aways from behind the scenes can be used as part of an extended campaign before and after the release of the flash mob video.

Weather youth, corporate or grey haired, flash mob pushes adrenaline levels high in excitement! At least to me every time I watch.

Would you to consider using a flash mob video as part of your next online marketing campaign?

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