Becoming a trainer of farmers is a great opportunity for me!

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Kenneth Probes for answers during a training with Munguci farmers group members

“My name is Kenneth Tako aged 26 years and I am a refugee from South Sudan. I was trained to become a trainer of farmers in February 2017, this is a dream come true!”.

“I am now the trainer for Munguci, Asante and Unity farmer groups in Wanyange village, Rhino settlement in Arua district, Northern-Uganda”.

Kenneth is one of the 10 trainers that underwent the Training of Trainers(ToT) in Participatory Agro Enterprise Development (PAED) Emergency Enabling Rural Innovation (EERI) livelihood approach. Each farmer group he trains comprises of 25 to 30 members.

Kenneth notes that during the ToT, he was trained on how to train other farmers in leadership, group constitution, approaches of mobilizing farmers, visioning, innovative agricultural practices for house-hold food security and self-reliance among others.

“As a trainer, I am targeting by mid-2017; at least 90% of the households within the farmer groups that I am training to have a kitchen garden that will improve their diet and also act as an income generating project for each family represented” says the enthusiastic Kenneth. As part of his role, he was given a bicycle to monitor individual households under the three farmer groups practicing the PAED EERI approach.

Kenneth rides his bicycle to monitor households in Wanyange 1 village, Rhino refugee settlement.


Kenneth was shortlisted after an advert by ZOA that required an agricultural certificate, reference letter from the Refugee Welfare Council (RWC), and a refugee native among others.

“I trained in agriculture but needed to practice the knowledge I gained and this is a great opportunity for me. I now earn an income to take care of my family. I hope to study further and contribute to the betterment of my community”.

Under the Consortium of NGOs led by Danish Refugee Council (DRC), ZOA is supporting refugee settlements and host communities in the Northern Uganda district of Arua (Rhino Settlement) to achieve home based food security, income and empowerment with funding from the European Union Emergency Trust Fund (EUTF).


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