Refugee girl graduates on top of her skills class, a co-instructor now. 

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 Viko working at the Carpentry and Joinery workshop in Rhino refugee settlement in Arua district

22-year old Viko Gloria graduated in January 2017 from the Skills Training Centre Skills Training Center of Welthunger Hilfe. She is now a co-instructor for the Carpentry and Joinery class at the center in Rhino Settlement in Arua District, Northern Uganda.

“My performance was good and that is why I was retained to teach. I am already earning a salary and I also plan to make furniture such as beds and roofing material for sale to earn extra income during my free time”. With this additional savings income, Gloria will be able to take care of her parents and educate her younger siblings.

Gloria was among the youth attaining livelihood and labor market relevant quality skills to create jobs and improve their standards of living. Gloria was the only girl in her class. Moreover, the class that she teaches currently has no female student neither, nevertheless with her recent promotion she plays a role model amongst fellow young girls.

She is one of the few nationals from the host community at the center. The Ugandan Government programme ‘RE-HOPE’ focuses on integrating both refugees and host communities in its programme ensuring co-existence.

The European Union Trust Fund (EUTF) through Belgian Development Agency (BTC) promotes skills development as part of the Support Programme for Refugees Settlements and Host Communities in Northern Uganda (SPRS-NU). EUTF is supporting improved training programmes such the one Gloria graduated from. By working with national Ministry of Education and Sports BTC Uganda aims to ensure quality, standardization and certification of skills training for refugees and host communities.


The Versatility of my Job

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Prilla Basemera and I in the Labaratory

Did you know Communications is one of the most evolving careers in the world, did you also know that it is one of the most versatile careers?
It offers result oriented jobs such as Public Relations, Communications Specialist, Public Affairs, Corporate Communications, Integrated Marketing Communications(IMC), Media Relations, Brand Management work, Corporate Affairs not to mention the most recent – Marketing Public Relations (MPR) and the list goes on…..
I passionately love my job due to the the versatility that comes with it -in office and field work. I get to execute my other love – film and photography;

In December 2015, I spent some days traversing Implementing Partners of aBi Trust where I currently work to document success stories and to carry out a photoshoot to capture intervention progress as part of evaluation. It was an amazing journey across South Western Uganda.

Today I share a few of the moments behind scenes;
Meet Prilla Basemera (in top picture) a Biochemist with RPN laboratories, Kyenjojo District in Uganda; responsible for the tissue culture innovation of coffee and Matooke in Uganda. I Spent time with Prilla while capturing shots of their work in partnership with aBi.
she unanimously made it to January 2016 page. #Photoshoot



Mitooma village is found in Bushenyi District along the cattle corridor of western Uganda and while agriculture is the main activity in this area subsistence farmers face challenges of financial access. As part of aBi Trust’ interventions is to mitigate this challenge through creating Village Loan Savings Associations(VSLA). During my trip I met a team of women that is part of Nyakagongo VSLA. It was such a moment listening to their stories form zero to millions of savings hence changing their livelihoods. They too made it to the aBi calendar, month of March.


It is always an inspiration meeting and listening to stories of change……. below are some others that i met and made it to the pages of my work calendar:-


That above was in Kabwohe, Sheema District.


And here is Nuwagira Geofrey of Abesigana Kashari Co-operative whose milk production increased due to aBi interventions.

My job enables me to spend time with stakeholders such as the above and through creating rapport with such people my external relations tactics are enhanced. The versatility in me is also enhanced through the creative pursuit of communications.

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Coffee farms boost income of Women in Uganda

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Coffee farms boost income of Women in Uganda

Agnes Ndrua tends to a Coffee seedling nursery at Busaanyi Farm, Mityana Road, Uganda.

Ndrua’s day begins with a five minutes walk to Busaanyi coffee farm where along with other women tend to the coffee seedlings in the nursery, the coffee mother garden, the main plantation and the value addition processing section.
“I am able to take my children to school because I earn a reasonable income from Busaanyi farm. Feeding the family and catering for their medical bills is easier” says Ndrua.

Before she joined other worker on the farm, Ndrua sold perishables which minimally supported her family basic needs.
she says “I am more satisfied now because am sure my earning will be paid every month without delay. The farm manager ensures we earn our pay on time and we are motivated to even work harder”.

Busanyi farm is established on over fifty (50) acreage of land with coffee, Banana plantation, horticulture, bee hives, Goat rearing, dairy farming among others.

The farm is funded and technically supported by Agricultural Business Initiative (aBi) a multi – donor initiative by the Governments of Denmark and Uganda whose objective is to develop agribusiness in Uganda.

Empowering Women, Touching Lives

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Empowering Women, Touching Lives

Behind Scenes: Producing film Documentary on Success story of Grace Anyiying in Dokolo District. She will be out of this mud hut in one month to enter her brick house that cost her 15 million as profit from her Conservation Farming garden where yield doubled in two seasons. Grace is the role model of her village in Kangai.
Conservation Farming Initiative is a climate-smart approach implemented by the Cooperative League of United States of America (CLUSA) International and funded by the American People through United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)

Creating Visual content for Social Media

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Take a moment to imagine how visual images posted on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Hangout, Watsapp, Viber, Pinterest, Snapchat to mention but a few catch your attention given the airbrushing that may come with the picture hence the need to transform Marketing Communications.

 Do you use images to boost engagement or are you looking for tools to create better visual content?

Creating compelling visuals for your social media marketing can be challenging but being creative and using pictures to tell a story on major social platform will engender perceptions and bring about the very desired change.

Visual content has become extremely important to a communications and marketers’ social tactics simply because of a growing consumer interest in images as evidenced by popular sites as mentioned above.

I must attest to the fact that people connect more emotionally with images than they do with text. In fact, customers are more likely to take action or make a decision when prompted with an image.

For instance, how many “like/re-tweets/re blogs” would such a post with picture earn?


 Brands using visual social media content to drive a stronger message to their audience will naturally cut through the noise and rise to the top. Here is important stuff you need to know about visual content for social media Marketing Communications;

 Making the Case for Visual Content in Social Media

The use of visual content in social media has exploded, partly because it is so easy to create and share images and video with a smartphone, and partly because images are more persuasive than text content. Here are some important reasons why you should include visual stories in your social marketing tactics.

Pictures have become so popular and using them is smart.


Types of Visual Content: There are different types of visual content, ranging from images and video to info graphics and Slide Share presentations. Some are easy and cheap to create, while some might require a professional designer.

The book “The Power of Visual Storytelling” by Ekaterina Walter shares types of visual content that your brand should definitely be using to engage communities and customers for instance; Slide share presentations; a great place to create and share powerful power point presentations and showcase creativity.

  Visual Content:  Creating powerful visual content can be challenging. Fortunately, with a little work and some tips from these articles (Source: Social Media Examiner), you should have no problem at all. Check them out:

26 Ways to Use Visuals in Your Social Media Marketing: Strategy, strategy, strategy—that’s where it all starts. Social Media Examiner’s very own Debbie Hemley is a genius with her complete A–Z guide for getting started with a visual strategy. This might seem like a lot to digest, but once you have it down, you can execute these ideas across multiple social channels (including your blog).

10 Free Design Tools for Creating Stunning Visual Content: HubSpot’s Ginny Soskey will blow your mind with these free tools for creating stunning visual content. Everything from infographic templates to tools for sprucing up images, it’s all in there.

How to Make Visual Content for Social Media in 5 Minutes: Here’s yet another great post by Ginny! This time she shows you how to customize an image for social media in just five minutes!

5 Tips to Make Your Visual Content PopFandom Marketing covers five secrets for designing images for the social web. These tips will not only make your visuals look great, they’ll grab your readers’ attention as well!

 Visual Content Sharing: Creating compelling visual content is only part of the equation. Now your audience needs to know it exists! Make sure you distribute your visual content far and wide via social media and encourage others to pass it along to their friends and peers. Here are some tips for sharing your images.

4 Tips for Making Visual Content Go Viral—and Benefit Your BusinessDan Tynski over at Content Marketing Institute shares a study that takes a look at the viral potential of visual content on Google+. Although the research only looked at Google+, the implications are intriguing and can be applied to other social platforms as well. This is fascinating stuff.

There’s an App for That: How to Get the Most From Your Visual Content: In this post from Social Media Today, Erika LaChance shows us how to use some of the most popular apps (Instagram, Vine, Snapchat and

The Rules for Using Online Images: If you’ve been blogging for a while, you know the risk of uploading and using Google images on your site. It’s really important to make sure you’re playing by the rules and getting permission for any online images you use. The Copyright law cautions us about the right and wrong way to use online images. If you use Flickr, Photo bucket and similar resources to get your blog images, make sure you have permission and give credit to the original creator of that work.  Mastering and playing by the rules will give visibility for your brand and with the social media community.  Capitalizing on Visual Content: Visual content was already important in 2013. Going forward, an even greater emphasis will be placed on images and video as larger numbers of your target audience use mobile platforms and social channels.

Well, there you have it! Pictures are in, text is out. With these tips from the experts, it should be no problem to create and implement visual stories into your social media Marketing Communications. It is time to stop thinking and start living.

Resourceful links & information: Social Media Examiner