Which of the two is genuine?

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Am glad the dispatch clerk from British Council came on time yesterday afternoon.

Perusing through my order, I realise the Elements of Style book by Strunk and White that I orded for is different from what my colleagues bought at Hadija’s photocopy. One from Hadija is scripted in an essay form with details yet what I have with me is brief with tabulations of sentences and examples on each use of grammar as stipulated in the earlier sentences.

Oh gracious! What may have seemed a sigh of relief yesterday has turned out to be troubling and the only way to verify this is to log on to the web and ascertain the fact of the matter.

After a short while on the internet, I can now clearly understand that my classmates are reading is a fourth edition of Elements of Style by Strunk and White yet what British Council availed is still Elements of Style, fourth edition(New edition) by Strunk and White Junior. After reviewing the pages with sample reading of either edition, the one obtained from Hadija’s photocopier seems easier to maneuver.

In that case I will settle to read both editions since deriving knowledge isn’t harmful.


A sigh of relief!

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It is a beautiful day. Not necessarily weather wise, but in the way I have chosen to feel.  I remembered to say my personal prayer this morning, and I think that has helped me. What a sigh of relief!

There is just an indescribable comfort and peace in doing so; a kind of peace that transcends understanding. Thank you Lord for this.

I have ordered some books and movies from Akili on-line library at the British Council.  I hope the dispatch clerk delivers them here before close of business today.  Am hoping to read Elements of Style tonight since we have been tasked to master it cover to cover, it is one of the books I have ordered for. I happen to have read it a few years ago but this time round hoping it will be a companion for daily review.

I love reading journals from the “real world hands-on practitioners” like the Harvard Business Review (HBR) and Fareed Zacharias’ pages in the News week, its my way of releasing stress of work and ascending in the business practice and when it comes to reading ‘O’ magazine by Oprah Winefrey, it is about learning to love myself much as I do not access it more often like the HBR and News week that are subscribed for monthly..

Looking forward to reading Strunk and White’s Elements of style.

The town where I grew up

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I grew up in an African town called Jinja home of the source of the Nile and white water rafting in Uganda, by then Jinja was refereed to as Uganda’s industrial city attributed to the big factories such as British American Tobbaco, the Nile breweries, textile firm Nytil among others.

The town streets here were built in an ancient Asian style of ‘duka’ well as the schools were locates in the surburbs near Source of the NIle River. We lived on one of the prominent streets however my siblings and I never went to school in this town, Our parents chose to take us to boarding catholic schools near the City(Namagunga for the girls and Namilyango for the boys) and I believe the background we got here has contributed highly to what Am today. My parents now live in our country home in Iganga- 30 kilometres from Jinja but they still own property in Jinja hence my visits there once in a while.

Wild Waters Reserve- Extraordinary & Unique.

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The Cobra falls

If you have experience breathtaking adventures in Uganda like White Water rafting, Bungee Jumping or better still tracked Gorillas in the famous Bwindi, had game rides in Queen Elizabeth or Murchison falls National Park….. You may have not had an exhilarating moment until you spend a night in a cozy canopy in the wilderness of massive torrents and cool breezes from of River Nile Wild waters lodge.

The calming effect of the racing rapids on my mind were relaxing enough to get me a strategic plan for my life in 2011. The newly built Wild waters lodge is located on a private island, mid-stream in the mighty Nile amidst a thick revering forest that has been naturally constructed in a tactical way; each of the ten cozy timber-floor rooms is be situated amidst the forest with private, breathtaking views over the River Nile’s massive torrents that never ceases.

The amazing walkways are wooden and have been created not to tamper with the forest inhabitants9snakes, lizard etc) that freely move below as you walk and the walkways  link the main restaurant and bar area to all rooms on the island yet transcends to the vibrant Cobra rapid falls on the right of the Lodge and Kalagala falls above which a brilliant mechanism was built to transport all building material above the yelling falls. As if that is not enough, the sinks were curved from the island rocks and the restaurant ladies room sink stands beautifully on an assembled hard tree log that must have collapsed on the island forest years ago – Nature has been put to good use in each aspect of the lodge.

Wild waters is such a remarkable story due to the fact that the environment is fully conserved and the community has been offered utmost social responsibility from the owners – Cam and Kate McLeay, I must say they are an epitome of Ugandan hospitality much as they are not natives and their hospitality traits flow right from their youngest son- Alexander to the ever smiling Lodge staff

The first day of 2011 got me at this ultimate location enjoying one of unique and extraordinary last wild areas of the entire Nile River.

Hello world!

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