Photography, my other love.

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Inquisitive! Sharing a sneak peak with two young friends I met after taking their picture.

Photography involves capturing images with a camera. These images can be of just about anything, including people, places, animals, objects, or events.

Professional photography is part of my hobbies whilst it comes as an added advantage to my career and involves much more than just taking pictures, though. Professional photographs are often able to elicit certain feelings and tell a story. Simply looking at professional photographs can bring on feelings of happiness, dismay, fear, awe, nostalgia, or even hunger, yes hunger :).

I love Still life photography, which involves taking pictures of static, or still, objects. This can include such things as people in action especially in rural Uganda but mostly as part of my career, Photojournalism supersedes simply because it generally involves shooting pictures of newsworthy events or what is commonly described as pictures of “a thousand words”. Just a sneak peak of my picks for the day……

Jepa, caries her baby sibling near their home in Nanda sub-county, Kiryandongo District. .

Through my film & photography experience I have come to learn that as an expert photographer am able to make people or situations appear different than they really are. This can be done by utilizing different lighting techniques, or positioning people or objects a certain way. With today’s advanced image editing software, many photographers also change some elements of their photographs in order to make them look a particular way Рas commonly known as Photoshop.

For instance, I purposed to take this picture with its shadows in the face. It is unedited (No filter) and I love it!

A coffee farmer in Mitooma, Bushenyi District, Uganda.


The Versatility of my Job

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Prilla Basemera and I in the Labaratory

Did you know Communications is one of the most evolving careers in the world, did you also know that it is one of the most versatile careers?
It offers result oriented jobs such as Public Relations, Communications Specialist, Public Affairs, Corporate Communications, Integrated Marketing Communications(IMC), Media Relations, Brand Management work, Corporate Affairs not to mention the most recent – Marketing Public Relations (MPR) and the list goes on…..
I passionately love my job due to the the versatility that comes with it -in office and field work. I get to execute my other love – film and photography;

In December 2015, I spent some days traversing Implementing Partners of aBi Trust where I currently work to document success stories and to carry out a photoshoot to capture intervention progress as part of evaluation. It was an amazing journey across South Western Uganda.

Today I share a few of the moments behind scenes;
Meet Prilla Basemera (in top picture) a Biochemist with RPN laboratories, Kyenjojo District in Uganda; responsible for the tissue culture innovation of coffee and Matooke in Uganda. I Spent time with Prilla while capturing shots of their work in partnership with aBi.
she unanimously made it to January 2016 page. #Photoshoot



Mitooma village is found in Bushenyi District along the cattle corridor of western Uganda and while agriculture is the main activity in this area subsistence farmers face challenges of financial access. As part of aBi Trust’ interventions is to mitigate this challenge through creating Village Loan Savings Associations(VSLA). During my trip I met a team of women that is part of Nyakagongo VSLA. It was such a moment listening to their stories form zero to millions of savings hence changing their livelihoods. They too made it to the aBi calendar, month of March.


It is always an inspiration meeting and listening to stories of change……. below are some others that i met and made it to the pages of my work calendar:-


That above was in Kabwohe, Sheema District.


And here is Nuwagira Geofrey of Abesigana Kashari Co-operative whose milk production increased due to aBi interventions.

My job enables me to spend time with stakeholders such as the above and through creating rapport with such people my external relations tactics are enhanced. The versatility in me is also enhanced through the creative pursuit of communications.

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